World of Warcraft, Starting a guild?
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World of Warcraft, Starting a guild?

Hi luvies,

Me and Knox started playing WoW again. And soon Roy is going to join us to. We are trying to get enough poeple interested in the game so we can start a guild. It would be fun start a luv guild :).

If your unfamilar with the game. It's not free... you have to buy the game for around 50 euros and buy gametime every month.
You do a trial until level 20 though (if you do make sure you start in the Outland realm(server)).

Let me know if you are interested in the game Wink
I would love to create a luv guild.

Kind regards,

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Yeah, I was considering trying it out for a long time now... a little affraid it will take too much time/be too addictive/wont have enough time to play. I will give it a thought. Our own guild would be nice.)