1vs1 Tournament Sniper-Stalingrad-Ground-Only Knock-Out!!!, (With Price for the winner!!) 16 players needed to start
  • Posted on: 29 June 2017
  • By: Slimbips

We need 16 players to start this tournament (invite people wherever u can!!) The winner of this knockout will win a price (the game rocket league http://luvclan.eu/rocket-league-1) What is Knock-Out?: there are 16 players, if u lose..... YOURE OUT!!!!!!!!!!! if u win, u go on to the next round. if u dont respond within 2 weeks..... u lost. if u win all the matches.... u get a little price... the game rocket league... video  here --->  if u cant run that game on your pc i will think of somethign else for u :).

1 -  Bashing round,  the winner chooses team first. (Map doesnt matter at this point)

2 - The winner team chooses Allies or Axis.

3 - The loser team chooses the other team Allies or Axis.

4 - The 1st round the winner can pick the team he wants, second round u change teams.

5 - 1 round is based on who has the first 15 kills  


Its sniper-only, stalingrad-only, ground-only, that meens u spawn on the ground in stalingrad all the time, all the ways to go up are blocked by barbwire.

As soon u spawn the game starts, be aware that if u get killed u spawn right again on the ground somewhere close to your opponent, when u kill the other he will probably spawn very close to you, so thats kinda tricky.

Be prepared on the quick spawns and that quick reactions will improve your game


 Spoiler: Highlight to view

example 1

Team 1 wins the first round with 15-12 
Team 2 wins the second round with 13-15

the score u have to fill in on the website will be 28-27

example 2

Team 1 wins the first round with 15-3
Team 1 wins also the second round with 15-10

the score u have to fill in on the website will be 30-13

if u end up in a draw u have to play 1 extra round of 5 kills and u just add the score to your total score.

Note: a round that ended in a tie (draw) will result in a small round first till 5 kills and u add those points to the total score

6 - Server/Mod settings: Default (LuV) TDM Settings, Sniper-Only, Stalingrad-Only, Ground-Only

7 - Player disconnected case - if a player gets disconnected by any reason the team he belongs to has 1 option:

#1 Call a "hold" and wait for him to return, if he doesnt show up anymore, and the score is 3-3, the end score will be 15-3.

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