Tanky's back with different name!
  • Posted on: 6 December 2018
  • By: Elvebrin
Ingame name: 
How did you find this site?: 
Slimbips told me about it and since then i became a member of this clan yèarss ago ;)
Do you use Teamspeak?: 
Why do you wanna join =|LuV|=?: 
Because i was in this clan years ago! and LuV is the only clan i want to join tbh :D!
How often do you play?: 
I understand that i cant be in another clan when joining luv: 
My Games: 
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
League of Legends
Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Info about Yourself: 
My name is Evert IGN: Elvebrin 22 y old Live in belgium I played this game when i was a kid age 8 :D i played games my whole life! i played: mohaa/mohaas, GunZ the duel, runescape, cs 1.6, csgo, fortnite (top 30 belgium), hearthstone, league of legends, overwatch etc... and i still play games almost every day :D
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didnt accept him.. not active

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didnt see him again..... anyone else?

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Good luck and enjoy

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Heeey welcome back man :),

U will have ot start with a 2 week trial and after 2 weeks people will vote if u can stay or not :).
We also play alot of fortnite so dont be afraid to join our teamspeak and join our fortnite squad to!.

Good luck and have fun!