Saturday 29th Teamspeak Alcohol Party
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Saturday 29th Teamspeak Alcohol Party

So me and Bram (Stormyy) haven't had a drunk Teamspeak night in quite some time and since he's off work I thought I'd convince him to have a Teamspeak drink. So i am inviting all people 18+ Wink that would like to come on Teamspeak and join us for a drink and good conversation. We will probably start drinking around 6/7pm English time which is 7/8pm NL time and 8/9pm Egypt time

Anybody under the legal drinking age is welcome to attend but LuV does not condone the use of underage drinking

Knox <3

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Quite a few people joining our party Biggrin Was/is awsome

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Iaaam comiiiiiiiiiiing haha Biggrin 

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coming sexy