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Retro gamer

greetings from Belgium to you all.
I myself am now a 53 year old pc gamer (from the early 8 bit pc years).
I love that Mohaa is still alive. I still have the originale dutch cd-rom version from 2002 installed on my Win10 pc.
I also love COD4 and COD5.
Are there any old pc gamers here?
Game on.

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Hey Kowal
yeah still alot off  u's is Old gamers  for me its most mohaa and alittle bit Cod 
welcome to luv webby
and HNY

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Hello Mate :), you will find alot of old gamers here, special for the mohaa :), server and admins still active, for the cod versions its a bit quiet, nice to see an old gamer here :), welcome!