Request to join LUV clan
  • Posted on: 30 May 2018
  • By: Molikva
Ingame name: 
How did you find this site?: 
Through your cod4 server
Do you use Teamspeak?: 
Why do you wanna join =|LuV|=?: 
Ive been looking for a good cod4 community thats actually alive. I found one of your servers and taught that was good quality so i went to check out your website and here i am.
How often do you play?: 
I understand that i cant be in another clan when joining luv: 
My Games: 
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Diablo III
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
Battlefield 4
Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Call of Duty: WW2
Knox's picture

I vote no due to lack of activity on our servers <----------- Check out my latest

Stormlight's picture

4 connections on Tdm and 1 connection on gungame,zombie and s&d, last seen june 3rd, should be more active

MrKwik's picture

HF and enjoy the servers

Knox's picture

1st seen Wednesday 30th. 1 connection on TDM and 1 connection on Gungame. Welcome to LuV clan we're glad you like our community and wish to be apart of it but if you're going to spread the LuV we'd like you to be active more and maybe check out our others servers <----------- Check out my latest

Stormlight's picture

On which cod server do you play?

Slimbips's picture

Welcome to our website mate :), nice to see you liek our stuff :), you are welcom eto start a 2 week trial with us :), u can wear the =|LuV|= Name |trl| taggs and your 2 week trial will start.

after 2 weeks the website will update this applicaiton and members can vote if u can stay orn ot, try to be active in servers/teamspeak or website so we can see that your still alive :).

good luck!