Anany His trial is over, should he stay or should he go?
44% (18 votes)
10% (4 votes)
I dont know yet, let him play more
5% (2 votes)
i just clicked to see the result as i dont know him
41% (17 votes)
Total votes: 41
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that sweet words is surprised me , thank you all for that , you are a very good stuff and i hope to be as you suppose <3 Smile =|luv_you_all|=

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It's a golden buzzer for me! 


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Judges of Luvvers got talent voted a Yes and it's a Yes from me!!

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Also a stay for me!! Nice to have you here!! Smile

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Stay! Welcome to the clan buddy xxx

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thank you all very much <3 , thanks for your sweet words Smile 

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guess this is an easy game and this will result in 200 vs 0, so welcome to the club Anany :), u can remove your trl taggs and be part of this crazy bunch for real now Smile

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Agreed, stay. seems like a nice guy.

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voted stay to 

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he should stay, hes a very kind guy and a real luvver, so big stay for me!