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New Map
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New Map

Something I've thrown together.. Not Mapped in ages.. The file is PK3 so straight into your main..
Sorry but no nice loading screen, just could'nt get it to work...
This is a BETA so feed back will be welcome, be as harsh as you like...


hope the link works ok...

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there is a mod called autodownloader wich works, but than they need to downloadn that mod Blum 3

lux kywalker
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I like the concept, I wish we could 'force download' maps for people who join our server as a background download. Something like that was possible in Quake III when it was still alive! 

Good work! 

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I like it, unfortunately not many people play custom maps anymore :/ they're lazy to download maps Blum 3
I can't give you an expert rewiew, because I understand nothing about mapping Biggrin I just like it and I can see it's not finished yet, just keep up the good work Smile
I also admire your hard work doing them, since mohaa isn't a new game, and people just don't care about it anymore Sad