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Hi all ,i joined Luv yesterday ,and i knew Slim since a loooong time ,and now when my best online friend (Kwik) are in the clan i felt that maybe time to join the Luv Family ..

Im 44 yrs old live in south of sweden ,has been in many clans ,IEF,TRL,VGN ,OMG ,and 3 years of volunteere admin in 7 servers Called at the time Gameservers with Spot in Netherlands.Have been online since 2004 at the time we got broadband

Im married since 1998 and have 2 Wonderful dauthers 19 & 16

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Alls Good . Smile

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Well, hello there, GG-san, I am satisfied that good players are joining. See ya on the field.

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Hiii GuiltyGeneral,
Time's up, yeah, welcome to our family ! 
I hope you will have fun with us Smile 
Happy new year to you & your family.
See you again Mr. GG, 

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Heey Guiltygeneral nice to see u in our clan i saw u playing on our server much and it seems u r a nice person Biggrin 

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Nice that you let us know some infos about you! Smile Always nice to see something more about the person behind the pc :'D 


Welcome in our family, hope you can feel the LUV already Blum 3

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We are lucky to have members like you and kwik. Smile

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Welcome to the luvely peeps my best and dearest online friend Smile

Lara Croft
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G g....

very welcome aboard. Happy I caught u in my lucky luv bag. Have fun & enjoy ur stay x

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Nice info man, nice to have great person as you in our squad :), hope u will feel at home here Smile