• Posted on: 30 December 2017
  • By: Mr Parts
Ingame name: 
Mr Parts
United Kingdom
How did you find this site?: 
Cannot remember but have known about LuV for a long time. I've said 'No' to teamspeak but it is installed so i can join if needs be, I just dont use it as my headset is put away.
Do you use Teamspeak?: 
Why do you wanna join =|LuV|=?: 
Why Not. Lara also said I should
How often do you play?: 
I understand that i cant be in another clan when joining luv: 
My Games: 
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
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Welcome Mr Parts

MrKwik's picture

Welcome M8 

have some more fun in the game oldie

Lara Croft's picture

Hey you! Lovely to see you here and of course welcome. Played with you several times, & your a cool guy.. we needed another grey fox (old man) hehe just joking!! But you can wear the tags no trial x

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Heey welcome Mr Parts :), nice to see you enjoy the server and that u cant resist ur well beloved lara :).

Nice to have you with us, i dont know if lara putt you in rigth away or that she hang an 2 week trial round your neck :P, but will see :).