• Posted on: 13 August 2017
  • By: Joost1896
Ingame name: 
How did you find this site?: 
I spoke a member in the mohaa server today. he advised me to ook at the website for an aplication. I hope its an active clan. Greetz
Do you use Teamspeak?: 
Why do you wanna join =|LuV|=?: 
I always played in clans and i liked it. I like to play with other gamers and to meet other players. Also tournaments and matches are kinda my thing so. I played this game for many years (mohaa) and i started to play it again. I prefer to play sniper only but all weapons is also ok. Also i play BF4 quite often.
How often do you play?: 
I understand that i cant be in another clan when joining luv: 
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not activem so i sett it on no

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didnt reallyt seen him online, think wait to see if hes still around

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Hey There, 


see you in game Smile

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Can't remember any names like that, but it has been a while ago. Maby some mods on the server will trigger some people. But there many cheaters at this time at serveral servers. So anti cheat software will be nice in the future! What happend to DMW?

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the old member has several names, spider... brew... and some more Blum 3

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See u on servers Joost.

To promote the SO server, I tried to promise to the players coming that they will get a picture of Slimbips naked, but surprisingly all those on left suddenly. So no idea how to do.

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Whos the old member? Biggrin

The so server isnt that quite busy. maby an idee to go promote it on any other servers?

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Good luck!

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i know swart and elite, we have an old elite member in our clan Smile

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LuV is the first clan I joined. I am not lucky to play at this time but I saw some people play with Elite tag.

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When i played matches, it was in 2004 - 2007. I played for SWAT, United Warriors and Elite. Great teams with great players. United warriors was a dutch clan. The others international. 

You played also that time?

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See ya on the servers then, we have a sniper only server, You are welcome to try it out.)

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welcome on site I would like to know which clans you joined them before 

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hey bud, stick around with us let us get to know you and who you are. and of course have some fun mohaa!!!! best of luck see u in the game! xX

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BE SURE THAT U KNOW WE HATE ANY KIND OF CHEATS....... so please dont come here with cheats or anything wich look like that.... we dont allow that and a fulltime ban will result!

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Heey Joost,

Welcome to our website!!, nice to see that u liek gaming liek we all do:P.

we are a gaminclan and we play all kinds of games in here, like mohaa, cod4, csgo, rocket league, gta5 etc etc.
we always look for eachother in the servers... the chat on the website or teamspeak to play together.

so feel free to join us on ts or any server :).

wich games u liek to play?.

ABOUT THE APPLICATION: i just seen you for the first time now and i cant accept you to the clan.. also not for trial.... but if u keep hanging around for 1 week i will give u a trial.

sometiems we get people here.. they make an application and than we never seen them again :P.

greets slim

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Good luck with the tryout:D

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