• Posted on: 25 June 2017
  • By: Hunter
Ingame name: 
How did you find this site?: 
I was CL in AB's
Do you use Teamspeak?: 
Why do you wanna join =|LuV|=?: 
This clan seems nice .. and seems to meet my expectations
How often do you play?: 
I understand that i cant be in another clan when joining luv: 
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yeh guess so :), thats better, i prefer that ab stays strong and keep their heads up, so i wish him good luck there Smile

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I see he returned to his clan again 

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I vote for him in advance, a nice player, battled him couple of times. Welcome to the club, Hunter-san.

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Hello Hunter,

Ofcourse there is some room for you to join us.
We just have a new rule in this clan and that is that people have a 2 week trial, so also respectable players like you.

But as an CL u probably understand the case :).
So u can putt on some taggs and start your trial, after 2 weeks a bunch of luvvies will vote for it :).

but the rules are simple, just be cool relaxed sexy respectfull in all cases and it should be a piece of cake :).

Good Luck and welcome!!
Seeya on the battlefield!

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Salut Hunter, Ca va ??
Bienveneue !!
Well it is really nice to have you with us ofc but we have to w8 for Slimb's Answer 

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Hey Hunter! 


Welcome xx

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Please accept my application


thank you so much



Hi all,

I am just Hunter regular player on MOHAA. Few hours ago i was admin, head admin, and Clan Leader from one other than i left. I will submit one request to be member in your clan. Hope that will be accepted ? Thank you