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Hello =[LuV]= Clan Smile

A simple Helllo from my side. I am quite a regular player/vistor on your =[LuV]=FreezeTag Server and every Sunday I love to play on your =[LuV]=Custom Server. Please take care yourself and see you in the game. Thank you.

Enjoy! :thumbsup

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Ja, en lep dober dan, končno.

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Hey Juni, @last some friendly face in here who came to say hello

Hello back m8

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Hey Juninho, always good to kill you.   i mean see you Smile

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Heya and welcome Juninho Biggrin

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Heey Juninho :), welcome to the webby mate and nice to see you having fun in the custom server Smile
Im moving to another house at the moment but will try to be there sunday Smile