Melanie1 wants to become LuV member
  • Posted on: 9 July 2018
  • By: Melanie1
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United Kingdom
How did you find this site?: 
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Why do you wanna join =|LuV|=?: 
Hello all, my name is Melanie, in game Melanie1 and I'd like to apply to be considered for optional acceptance to the clan. I play MoH:AA for more then 6 years. Since 2015 I'm a member of the pD clan. Why join LuV?: Since the pD server does not attracks many players I play a lot (every day) on LuV Freeze-tag server. I enjoy playing here because there are always players and I know most of them by now. Everybody is really friendly (ok ok Blutek sometimes makes fun of me). I really like Green Machine, T-Bone, Eternity, Mav, Lara and oh my god many many more of you. (can’t name them all, sorry if I forgot to mention you) If I’ll be accepted as member I will stop at pD clan and will be a proud LuV member! If not accepted I will keep playing here at Luv of course. See you on the server soon, thank you for reading my application. Greetings, Melanie
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I understand that i cant be in another clan when joining luv: 
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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Info about Yourself: 
I'm 22 years old and I study Digital Transformation & Customer Journey online and offline. This is because I travel a lot with my family through Europe (for my fathers work) I also help my parents out. I play MOHAA more then 6 years and I play on the LuV server now every day for almost 3 months. I think to have a lot of friends in the LuV server already. I really like it here. If you have any questions please let me know!
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Dear Slimbibs, Mr Parts, Lara, Green Machine and JJMurdah,

Thank you guys and girl so much for your trust in me. This the best news to read in the morning and start the day!
I promise to be a valuable member in LuV clan. Happy to be part of the family.
Slimbibs, I’m every day of the week active on the server. Sometimes no longer then 30 minuten at a time, sometimes more then 2 hours non-stop. Most of the time I see that you’r in spec but not playing. I hope we’ll see each other soon.

X Mel

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thats enough yesses and accepted to clan as a full member!

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yes from me Biggrin

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Yes ofcourse Smile

 "Soldiers go straight to heaven, because they have already visited hell." 

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Yes yes yes, get another Uk woman in here !!!!!! xxxx

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seen her around quite a bit. Nice pleasant player........YES from me........

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didnt see her on server yet, but guess thats not her fault :P, so i need other oppinions

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yeah he is a real luvver but cant handl;e his temper sometimes :P, and he likes ot be spanked and that u say bad words to him, than you make him happy Smile

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Thank you all so much for the positive feedback and welcome!  Green machine, I think I understand now how Blutek’s brains work; once you figure that out he’s not so bad. A bit grumpy old man yes. He told me last week that he thought I was someone else from his past. We’r more than okay now!  See you all soon. X Mel.

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Willkommen zum Clan Melanie Smile Good to see you here, Blutek will also like it very much Smile

 "Soldiers go straight to heaven, because they have already visited hell." 

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Welcome Melanie1
i hope you have a nice time here!

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Well, I guess I've been away from mohaa even longer than Beauty, so I also haven't seen you around, but you are completly right about the fun and playing with the same people everyday... Good luck on your trial and enjoy! You'll be part of the family in no time...

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Nice Melanie Blum 3

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Didn't realise you are a fellow englander Biggrin yay. 

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Welcome Melanie To Clan LuV And Have Fun ! ♥ 
=|LuV|= Marvel |SA|RO

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Nice! And different makes you stand out !! Very nice I’m from the west! Xxx

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Thank you all for those kind words. And yes JJMurdah I do remember you!
We live in Turnpike Lane (in the north of the city) but I travel a lot through Europe with my family for my fathers work. So I spend I a lot time in hotels. I study Customer Journey and Digital Transformations online. I like IT but just like in LuV there are not many girls in the IT world. If I compare pD  clan with LuV clan then it’s so much more fun because almost every day you play with the same people. When I play at LuV it almost feels like a big warm family. I hope to see you soon in the server CallOfBeauty!

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Hey girl... happy to see you here. We are shortage of girls and everyone picks on us! So it’s only right you get involved too. Hehe good luck on your trial & have fun always. See you around!! Where in England you from? Omg yay x

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welcome Melanie
 have fun

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I am glad to see some more girls here Biggrin since the girls are really in minority here Blum 3 didnt see you on mohaa server yet, but thats my fault as i was not really active lately Sad but i am about to change that! so i am sure we will meet each other soon.. Hope you enjoy ur time here! <3

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Welcome and enjoy the ride

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Welcome to LuV, Ive played when you have been on the server so hopefully you remember me. Ive also seen when you have been teased by blutek, but you are one of us now so we shall back you up haha. Good luck.

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Welcome Melanie! :),

Welcome to our website! :), nice to see you are enjoying our server and clanmembers :).
You will start with a 2 week trial, after 2 weeks this application will pop-up again and people will vote if u can stay or not (so be nice:P).

u can use the =|LuV|= Melanie1 |trl| taggs and call yourself a luv on trial :).

Hope u will enjoy and will pass your 2 weeks trial :).

p.s if u see blutek u can insult him for free today :).

good luck and have fun!