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Luv freeze tag pping problem
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Aizaz Khan Khalil
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Luv freeze tag pping problem

Hey guys Wassap

my name is aizaz and my ingame nick name is legend pro i play mohaa from 2010 and i was in ab clan in 2015 i leave ab clan and also game now few months ago i start playing mohaa again and there is no fun ingame and i find ur =|LuV|= Freeze-Tag Server and there is alot of fun in server but i have problem there i m from pakistan and i have abovve 200 pings and server dont allow players with more then 200 pings so can admin please change server minnimum pings from 200 to 300 Wink thanks

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hi legend welcome on the site. the problem that we get lag when we change the limits. i dont know if the vpn can reduce your ping a littile