=|LuV|= Clan Meeting This Summer (Who will come?)
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=|LuV|= Clan Meeting This Summer (Who will come?)

Hello Guys,

Its almost summer again... just say yes Blum 3
And  some members allready asked to me to see if there is animo for the meeting.

The meeting will be in the netherlands in some kind of centerparcs.
The costs to be covered for the stay are 100,- Euro's.
That includes the rent of the house and some bedsheets.

It will be for 2 days... from friday 15:00 till moday 15:00 (something like that).
Be aware that u still need money next to the 100 euro for food drinks and days out etc.
Surely dont forget to buy me a beer as im a thirsty person.

Dogs are welcome as far as i know goldfishes to.

Tell me if u are interested and have a serious toughts about coming.
If u want to come but u might have some issues like u can only come 1 day or just a couple hours or u have money issues write them down or message me in private.

Centerparcs is an parc with a nice paradise as center wher eu can eat, drink, swim, and have some other fun like climbing, biking, walking, bowling, mysterie mission, tennis, adventure island, bumping cars and more!.

All the info you want to know u can find here https://ww2.centerparcs.nl/nl-nl/nederland/fp_HH_vakantiepark-de-huttenheugte/alle-activiteiten?country=nederland&gclid=CjwKCAiAlvnfBRA1EiwAVOEgfJSaWh5Gt1o6W82O9pqgwi4LejY38qsyPtHSpr8k5CUysa...

For more info or questions just use the comment section and u will get a reply form anyone of us that has answers!!.
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oh they let me in Biggrin

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If enough people join i'll certainly come ;).

Is De huttenheugte the best centerparcs? Its seems a little bit in the middle of nowhere

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I'm glad you brought this up now. Last years was cancelled do to poor/last minute planning. Hopefully it will be propperely planned this year (2019)     


I'll be having this thanks

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what about have this vacation in winter in egypt Biggrin