Looking to start playing again..also on the hunt for Brats Clan?
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Looking to start playing again..also on the hunt for Brats Clan?

Hi all! I'm an old MFF, current (maybe??) Brats clan member from MOHAA. Haven't played in YEARS due to being in college and unable to buy a new gaming pc and what not. I've been doing some searching and found that MOHAA is not dead (YAY!) and people still play a lot. I'm thinking about getting back into it, but I've struggled finding Brats website to see if they are still alive. Does anyone know if they have a new website or if they even still play?

I saw Tuna was online a bit ago and was the only familiar name I saw on y'alls stuff but I figured it was worth a shot:-) Happy to see people still play the game and maybe I'll come get whooped by you guys if I redownload everything!

Happy *almost* New Year btw:-)

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hey MEAP MEAP, long time no see and am i glad to see some familiar former MFF'ers coming back to the game!

how's life treating you meap, hope college went well for you?!

hope to see you on luv server soon meapers!!

luvvvvv greetings Tuna ! Smile

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i found this one http://www.clanbrats.org/

i dont think many of them still around, i only see splatterguts so now and than on xnull website i guess

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Lo Meap,

nice to see ya here
i found a little thing for you i hope this helps in your quest to find some bratz
if not, i can send you a few of my own.


Happy new year m8


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Hej Meap.
Nice to hear you start the old game up again .See you on luv servers
Also H.N.Y to you