Krystynka trying to join the troops
  • Posted on: 1 July 2018
  • By: Krystynka
Ingame name: 
How did you find this site?: 
i was browsing server list in cod 4 or gametracker dont remember
Do you use Teamspeak?: 
Why do you wanna join =|LuV|=?: 
why not? good servers, lot of people still playing cod 4, chill on gaming....
How often do you play?: 
I understand that i cant be in another clan when joining luv: 
My Games: 
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Battlefield 4
Info about Yourself: 
gaming 23 years only on pc (3 years Soldier on Fortune 2 Dauble Helix multi and Unreal Tournament, 2 years cod2 multi, 10 years cod4 multi and my skill is still shity, playing Battlefield 1 from when it was out), before that Comodore64 and Pegasus (pirated Nes). i played little bit on CoD:MW2 and CoD:MW3 but didnt like it. new cods where played by me only for singleplayer story... didnt play cod ghost and infinite warfare.... cod:ww2.... lets not talk about this game.... in my personal opinion its a waste of time and its better to play BF1. i dont know what else to write here..... 30 years old, maried, 2 children, husband met on cod2 lan party.... Previous Clans: i started in ReQ clan and i was there untill 12 years old children as an admins started bitching around, than i was clan less for some time, in that time i started playing with flux guys (i was not in clan), than i joined eQ, and was there long time untill leader of that clan pissed me off so i quit, next where USAN and GB servers and then i joined AmityGaming clan in 2013 firstly as trusted player then as member left them in 2015??? full time job kids etc. so much less time to play but i still write with them. i came back to play cod4 almost dayly for few runds about 2 month ago. started playing on your hardcore server to check my skills and i play there for some time :) like to play with Stromlight he knows how to have fun in this game xd plus i played with WaRDoG and maybe 2 other people from your clan. i dont know is it me or them that i like to humiliate them in game with knifing or other strange kills xd ....... and yup basicly i writed what i wanted. PS. i am good at spoting cheaters in cod4 those guys never learn.....
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i was an admin and trusted player on few servers + finding cheaters is preaty easy with such bold way how they do it

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welcome Krys!!, full member now!!, :), hope u can and will help us out to manage the cod servers(if u have any skills :P)

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thx Smile

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i go with stormlight! Smile

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I say Yes!

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yeah same shit here :(, work work work

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right now for some strange reason my internet became shit + i got lot of overtime work.... but i will try to play as much as i can Smile and yes i was in lot of clans but u cant stand still u need changes to make progress Smile

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Seems like you've left a lot of clans. If you pass the trial i hope you don't leave us :P. Good luck with your trial and i hope to catch you on TDM sometime <----------- Check out my latest

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Welcome, and good luck on the application. Smile

Play to win.

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nice introduction! :), welcome to the luvvies! :), you will have a 2 week trial ... after the 2 week this applicaiton will come aurtomaticly in front and we will vote if u can stay or not :), try to be active on server and site or whatsapp so we can see your not a 1 day fly :).

i see you spot cheaters quickly.. we can use some help in our servers ;).

good luck an have fun!!

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Welcome to our server nice to see you like it, i played with you last few days its been fun to play with you and you seem like a nice person, you are also good at finding cheaters Smile I vote yes already even tho we wait 2 weeks xd, cya on tdm Smile