I (we) want to join
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I (we) want to join

Hey all,

I am Brew_ and i want to join LUV clan.

My name is Julien, i am 30 and i live in France. You certainly know me because i play all day on your server.

I know most of the LUV members and i am interested by the clan's spirit. Brew_ is my new name since 2 months, my old name was 17' | Elite.

I know the rules for beeing a good member, and a good friend. In the past (2002-2008), i was the creator and the CL of the most biggest team in France, les [=-17RGP-=], with 50 + members and 2 servers. I am experienced with the life is virtual society Wink

Why we in the tittle ? Because my father would like to join the clan with me, is name is Serge77. He is cool and never talk because he don't speak english Blum 3 

You have the key, yes or no Wink

Cya !

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Oo I see, thats why I saw you with Luv tags the other day.

Btw, whats 77 in your dad's name. It cant be his year of birth unless you were born when he was only 7, Biggrin

Nonetheless, always a pleasure to see families playing together especially father / son and father / daughter.


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Heyyy brew nice to have you all m8 !!
bring it on!!

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Welcome father and son. Smile

Lara Croft
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Welcome brew and father Lol 

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Hi And Welcome To You Both

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Welcome to our luv familyyyy! Smile

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Thx YywiyY and Slim.

Yes yes Slim, i know i am sometimes boring, that's why i introduce myself with Elite too, just for you, to be honest with all players Smile

Don't worry i have stop my humourist career now Blum 3

Have a good day Smile

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Hello, a good player, seen You many times on the field, welcome to You and Your esteemed father.

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yes, and u dont need trial as i allready know you for a long time, i know your a good person with bad humor :p, yo9ure very welcome to join us :).

welcome to the club :), and try to register your dad so i can add thim to the clan to