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How did you start playing mohaa?
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How did you start playing mohaa?

Hi Everyone!
Just thought I would ask this question here.
What made you start playing mohaa? Was it a friend or a family member that used to play? Or you decided to try a new game that had just came out? Someone gifted the game to you and you started playing?

For me was that my brother used to play the game and then I started playing too and I have been hooked ever since.

What about you? Wink

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I  had a friend in the beginning of 2000, and he introduced me to Medal and i liked it dearly. i started with K.W.I.K. and over the years i never lost my name.
when i play the game its always very enjoyable.

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When i bought my first pc ,there was not so many games at the time ,it was mohaa ,and soldier of fortune .I installed both and play single ,because we dont have broadband since 2005-2006 i think it was ,then i start play online i found NL there i found 7 mohaa servers ffa.cpt.ft etc ,i also get admin Gs^Mr.GG of those servers at the time ,a very special tool it was ,made by eva aka Gs^Giem . was biggest game server in europe they have all games from A to Z ,that was sad when they was shut down that .

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Medal Of Honor was the best shooter at the time. I even pre-ordered the game many weeks before it came out Blum 3 
First I played the whole series in singleplayer, after that I started playing multiplayer online. And I still LuV it <3

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Hi Luvies,

I started playing MOHAA by Nov (or maybe Dec) of 2010. One of my friend had told me about the game and I thought lets try it. Downloaded it from Internet and tried online servers. That was my first experience of online gaming. Hooked to it for more than 10 years and burned countless hours :P. Initially played mostly on AB/Stoner/EG/OMG/ (and some other) servers. Then 2016 onwards mostly on Luv servers.

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The game wa sjust new and my friends played, after a while i started playing and have been playing alot of years :), first clan GK clan, had an awesome time and they helped me set up my own clan :), now im here..... not playing mohaa anymore :P.
but still enjoying seeing you guys having fun in the server Smile