Hiiiii Luv’ sisters & brothers :) !!
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Mimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii welcome welcomeeeee

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Welcome to the clan

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Hey mimi,

welcome in the luv familySmile

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Welcome to another LuV girl in team!!!! Blum 3

See u in game!!! Hope u enjoy on board!!!


Lara Croft
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I'm happy 2 see this! 

#who run the world 


=|LuV|= T-Bone (GaZ)
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mimimimimiiiiiiiii hola chika Lol

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Miiiiiiiimmmmmmiiiiiiii my favourite neighbor of Wurstyland ♥

It was just a matter of time how long it takes to get you into our luvly clan! Nobody can resist this luvly and crazy family Blum 3

Tho I am still not sure if I like my new nickname of Wursty or not, but you and bart are allowed to call me that name.. I mean... why not... Wurst is delicious Blum 3 haha 

Hope you will enjoy ur stay here even though we might kill you a lot Sad but I am sure you already got used to it.... Blum 3

And of course also thank you for Bart that he brought you into the game! One girly more here! He might regret it one day if we all are going to kill him... Of course you have to stick together with the girls! Blum 3


Nice to have you heeeeere - giiiirrrlyyy power ♥

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Hiiii :),  

Thank you Slim :). Ermmmmm, that's scary !!!!!!!! :O. I didn't sign for that I-m so happy :P. How to quit this crazzzzyyyyyyy team ? :D. 

Thanks Anany. I know I could count on you but you already killed me several times..... ;( 

Oh, that's kind Kris even if Bart is angry cause of what you wrote Biggrin :P. Thanks.

Thanks Belal, It's funny because I also work in Deloitte group :O.
Nooo, this is not a busy work, I don't see what you mean................ Biggrin ......... Holidays end on sunday Cray 2 Cray 2 ... It's slavery.... :P. I hope, I will find some spare time to be able to play adter my holidays ^^.
Thank you for your advice colleague & i'm lucky, I have my own personal teacher home :). 

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Hey Mimi,

It's very nice too see a colleague here and in accounting profession as i am also working in accounting firm Deloitte :D. we also joined the clan at the same moment lol. I think you know how busy that work is grrr. Observe us well and you will learn some moves Biggrin and also Bart can give some tips in french :D. Welcome.

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welcome mimi.  

seen u playing... wow only 2 weeks of playing and ur better than bart lol O.J  but hope u enjoy being part of them team Blum 3