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Hey All!
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Hey All!

Just a quick Hello, from Yorkshire UK. Have been playing on your Mohaa freeze Tag server over the last few weeks and thoroughly enjoying it. Been over 20 year since i last played, so i do suck at it a bit. Was in [EVDI] (Evil Dictators) clan back then. Moved on to the Battle Field series mainly BF4 and was member of CCG Clan  (Cheat Catchers Guild) until last year, when my daughter decided to steal my PC. Great to find Mohaa community still going strong. 

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Welcome mate :), have some nice games Smile

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Hello and welcome to LuV Biggrin See you soon on server?

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Hello and good to hear that you enjoy our server Wink

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Hello, you will soon stop ducking, just melt and all will be fine in no time Biggrin

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Hello and welcome Smile