Hello, it's Coelho.
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Hello, it's Coelho.

Hi all,

I've been playing with you all now for the best part of a year and a half since I reinstalled mohaa and Green Machine told me to make a post, so belatedly here it is! I've been playing mohaa since 2003 and stopped playing around 2009 - was formally in UiC clan and was a member of team uk on both cmohl and cb for a few years. 

Since coming back I mainly wind up green machine as much as possible and just play for fun most evenings. 

I don't know what else I'm suppose to write, so hi! 

** I have also learnt that promoting myself to SA isn't advised and will get your name automatically changed on the server!

Benji - Coelho

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welcome coelho i hope you have fun

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Welcome Coelho and enjoy your stay

Nice intro Smile

Green Machine
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Welcom Benji and thanks for introducing yourself, a little bit Wink
Have fun and.... STOP SENDING ME LOVE MESSAGES! (You make Slim jealous)

 "Soldiers go straight to heaven, because they have already visited hell." 

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Heey Coelho!,

Welcome to the website :),

Im not sure if this was an application or not... but if it was one u putt it in the wrong section.
On the homepage there is a huge button wich says CLIKC HERE TO JOIN OUR CLAN.

if this wasnt a application but just a hi.... hi Smile

Greets Slim,

P.S: Kill green as much as u can!

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Welcome mate, we have a similar Mohaa background. See you on the server and hopefully you won't kill me as much Biggrin

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welcome to the clan m8 

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Hi, Coelho! Welcome Smile