Europa Universalis 4
  • Posted on: 22 April 2017
  • By: bart

Hi guys,

I play alot of Europa Universalis 4, if you're into grand-strategy you might want to check it out. It can be played both singleplayer and multiplayer. The good part about multiplayer is that you wouldn't need to buy any DLC, if the host has it, you will have it too during that game (I can host games with all DLC).

So, whats the game about?

The game starts in the year 1444, you can choose any country in the world and lead it to greatness (Or get wiped off the map within a few years)


Every country has it's own advantages and disadvantages, play as the almighty Ottomans and convert Europe to muslim or play as austria and drive those heathens back into the middle east.

During the game various historical events pop up and you will have to make choices to keep your country happy and stable.

The technology system in the game is really good, and enables you to add your flavor to the country you are playing. Will you focus on your economy? Do you want to go out and explore the Americas? Do you want to have an invinsible army or just simply a huge army?

A lot of nations can form other nations depending on the culturegroups of its population, Holland, Utrecht and other Dutch nations can form The Netherlands. Play as a Brandenburg or Teutonic Order and form Prussia. Play with Florence and form Italy.

Make the choices you think are necessary to make *insert your country* great again.

On steam it costs 40EU , but get the base game for 15EU on and join me in my world conquests!

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If you like it but only have the cracked version, then we could still play a game together if we have the same cracked version, i remember playing this with pompie or lobbes a while back.

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Yeah i got it !!

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I can't link it on the site, but it's available on pirate bay. version 1.21 is the most recent.
If you want to play proper multiplayer you have to get the game though

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i need a link please