Do u know what luv is doing????
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Do u know what luv is doing????

Hey peops!.

Do u guys realise we are sending so much luv true the internet?...
I see it in the server, facebook website etc, the name luvclan keep people constantly saying luvly things to eachother.
Also the word luv is used alot wich is funny :).

i just wanted to say that.... even after all these years still spreading luv and be there online for eachother if someone feels shit :).
nice job luvvies!!... hope we see alot of these years in the future to!.

ofcourse we also face some nasty stuff, but till now we beating every single thing together!!!.
Hooraayyyyyy for the luvvies!!!

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Hi "Everybody peops",
(reference to a 90's UK tv comedian), I seem to recall I got my invite from Santa.  I'd not been back on-line too long but had grown tired of clans and their politics many years b4.  I have always wondered how we managed to find so many kindred spirits from so many differing countries and backgrounds.  In the end the answer is simple - LuV! We stay here because we genuinely care that everyone here is here because we want to be.
We may never meet we may disagree about many things but we don't hate for any reason - 


I had no hesitation in letting Lewis into our TS and on our servers because no matter where you are or what you believe our message is simple, we are here because we like to be a part of a LuVing family of people who want to socialize with like minded people...

I can only thank Slim, Santa, Stormy and all of the clan members who continue to make our group a safe and happy place to meet and play... DON'T EVER STOP LuVing!!!


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The other day I mentioned to my brother, who began to play COD4 multiplayer, that LuV server is good to play, and he asked me "Do you know that LuV means love?". A virtual tear fell from my eye  Wink

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Well said Slim glad to be part of the luvers

I am the one who knocks!

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We all love LUV ofcourse

But, well said slimpie Wink

 "Soldiers go straight to heaven, because they have already visited hell." 

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Hoooorayyyy for Slim and his wannabee Luvers
Smile Smile Smile