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Deja For Admin

Hello guys,
I have been with Deja since his OMG (Old Mohaa Gamers) days and found him a real cool tempered player just like Green Machine. He is a regular on LuV server with a great attitude. Never saw him accusing a player unnecessarily. I've played against him many times (as he loves Allies just like GM Smile ) with different name and some pretty obvious prefires but he kept his calm. Even today I was playing under a different name ( I am sure he didn't know it was me) and I was certain about a couple of shots that he would get spooked but he didn't. Thats a great attitude IMO.

LuV server needs more admins with calm temperament and a good eye. In my humble opinion Deja be given responsibility of Admin on MOHAA LuV servers. Indeed its CL decision ultimately. Thanks for reading and happy shooting..

P.S: Deja does not even know I am making this post.

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Oh, so showing some control and common sense is desireable in an Admin?
Strangley of late I just thought you booted anyone getting accused... must just be me, (admin for 3 years)... Hey Merry Mick you got owt to say???



Merry Mick
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Maybe You think I didnt say enough in my previous post then Geremin??? "Boot anyone that`s accused??? Who said that????
Anyway, check your PMs and you will see what I have to say m8!
Tally Ho Old Chap
Mick X

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Deja still wears the tags, so still a member and a nice person on the server. From what i have seen on the server when i am active is that Deja just likes to play the game without being distracted from moaners and whiners. I dont even think Deja cares about haxors in my opininion (i havent seen Deja spec or have a feeling someone is haxing).  

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Deja is a member... at least he was and sstill is i think? :P, i think its an great idea, send him to here Smile

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In my opinion i don't think non LuV members should receive admin, but ultimately its not up to me Blum 3