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Welcome to LuV Clan
light's picture

when was you banned?  and game name?

Vic Mackey's picture

Hi guys, I was banned at the moment from the FT server, I do not know by whom and why? I should have asked for a screenshot no? it would be simpler, I never cheat and I never cheated.
I would like the person who banished me to appear late.And some members also know me Smile

Best regards ...

Knox's picture

That's the current map. If youre talking about the map from years ago that's gone. Yes the current map is big cause you fuckers seem to want to travel a million miles from the spawn to build your house or whatever 

Banned POLAND PL's picture

Thank you for SAVE. =|LuV|= Knox Smile
A very large map. I can't find my old farm. I was building a wheel (Artafinde) and (Tegcal).

Knox's picture

@Banned POLAND PL. here ---------------> let me know when you've downloaded it so i can remove it from my mediafire

Banned POLAND PL's picture

I want the entire save file.

Knox's picture

Would you like me to protect your farm ingame or do you want the whole map save file? @Banned POLAND PL

Banned POLAND PL's picture

I built on a Minecraft LuV clan server.
I devoted a lot of time. I built a farm.
Is there a (save) game? :/
I would very much ask for this save.

kirby's picture

kool  stuff, kitchen is expensive Biggrin my aeg microwave just died quite prematurely Sad a toasted microchip or smth which is no longer made lol so no repair :S

MrKwik's picture

Sorry for not being arond these day
Im working on my new kitchen.