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mohaa custom nights sundays 7-30 uk time, any map news here light light
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Welcome to LuV Clan
ABDO's picture

un ban meeeeeeeeee
i didnt hax i didnt cheat what happend its 2 times ban me
i cant play ip

<strong><em><u><s>SAY HELLO!!</s></u></em></strong>

yx21 yx21's picture

Hey luvers! Listen my music. thanks! Smile

sarinha's picture

I miss the beachhh toooo Sad
I have to go back to the Algarve Smile

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I am agree with Knox. I think that mohaa is the best game in the world ;P, but when there is a party no matter the game, It's not about who kills more or If I am a crap in COD, It's about to be together, and laugh. I have never gone to a COD party, but I didnt see that perspective. I will try to join more COD and minecraft(Is it possible to play it with a non-regular-playing version? haha) parties, sure Its funny.

The summers I use to be out, I can not to resist to go to the beach. Sorry for my inactivity these months.

Knox's picture

"not long ago we worked 86 hours per week for 2 months" @Krystynka. They can't make you work more than 48 a week or something so if you were working 86 hours a week then its your fault.
@$@R!N|-|@, Your opinion is that Mohaa is the best game...I don't blame people for liking Mohaa. More cod4 members when theres a party for Mohaa they play mohaa for the party. when its cod4 party 0 mohaa people join, the point you were trying to make was non existent 

Slimbips's picture

@ krysty..... it wasnt against u, u still are the most active player even when u dont play at the moment, its just the whole clan spirit is gone, some months ago when we organised a mohaa party... our 32 players server was to small..... now when we orghanise it... its only me knox stomryy and light :P, and than i planned my day free etc, nobody joins anymore.... its not a problem... just saying that we have such a great clan with so many different weird/great people, its to bad to see it going down, the friendships will stay... but it wont get any bigger :(, we are a enormous group of luvly people just to sad to see it dissapear Smile

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Knox, it's mohaaaaa aka the best game everrrr Blum 3 You can't blame people for loving the game lol
I'm sure there are people who only play cod and don't play mohaa as well (which is fine) and there's people that only play mohaa but don't play cod (which is fine too I guess)
Have a blessed day Smile

#longlivemohaa  #f@ckcod


Krystynka's picture

now i work 40 hours a week

now that made me laugh like nothing this week.... 40 hours??? not long ago we worked 86 hours per week for 2 months thats the moment you can talk about not having time + you have family of 2 children and working husband Smile

about cod4 parties you ppl make them at hours that i cant be online (mostly night -> i work god dammed and need to get up at 4:30 am) so dont complain about people not playing.... i know that for you 8:00 PM CET is good time but think about ppl like me that will have to add 2 hours to that clock and thats the moment i go to sleep....

one more thing when i join server its almost empty every f.. time... i wait and play few maps alone, than 1 maybe 2 ppl join and leave after getting shoot few times and calling me a cheater..... i cant just play with Theo all the time.....

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Heey Deon, welcome bak dude!! Smile

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Hello Smile
Forgive my low activity, but my computer was damaged.
Candy Smile