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I want to join Stormlight Stormlight
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Hello LuV-Team. Greetings from Germany spliffy77 Anany
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New Anti-Cheat will be released in a little amount of time, download your clean mohaa allready! Slimbips Slimbips
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i wanna get some luv from luv Dragonborn Dragonborn
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DeoN - want to join DeoN Tarek_Teko
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Your Favorite Music Slimbips Slimbips
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DeoN says hello ; ) DeoN DeoN
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JOin to LUV Kery Kery
Welcome to LuV Clan
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hello awe, no thats not possible, i can provide a second server with different maps and people can use them.

we have a custom server with all kind of different maps, the point is that its hard to get 20 people into another server than the ft.

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hi Slim , hi all

I have a question. So , could be more maps to play on your server? all the time rotation of standard map : dm 1,2,3,4,6,7 . Maybe hunt , v2 , renan or other ? A lot of people every day play on LuV server, and i suspect that a lot of them already tired of the standard maps . Thank you in advance for considering my request

BTW. Sorry for my english :d 


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hi all
i have a problem with mohaa

The game starts up fine goes through the EA intro and to the main screen in the map/option room.
I am able to change all the options (video, controls sound, etc...).

when i in to server luv for 30 secand after than the move stop

in cnsolo:


error sonud: need to play alies

Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this


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Hey all.)

Well if Slim-sama is not into japanese jazz, lets try one of this:


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Morining all,

and so begins another weekend....

10:30 and already on the Stella!




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@ Toxic, Haha jah idd ik weet het nachtmerries :p, verschrikkelijk ventje
Heey awe :), thats a good song to wakeup with Smile

nice job baatus message me when ur online becease the paypal emailadres confuses me

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Slim, i'm running out of euros testing this donation system which will automaticcaly keep track of donators and stuff. Send me some back so i can test more! Blum 3

Don't try to set the progress amount on the thermometer, i hacked the module to automatically retrieve the donations recieved in the current month (using the new system).

Let me explain on teamspeak before you start messing with it