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I want to join Stormlight Stormlight
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Hello LuV-Team. Greetings from Germany spliffy77 Anany
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New Anti-Cheat will be released in a little amount of time, download your clean mohaa allready! Slimbips Slimbips
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i wanna get some luv from luv Dragonborn Dragonborn
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DeoN - want to join DeoN Tarek_Teko
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Your Favorite Music Slimbips Slimbips
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DeoN says hello ; ) DeoN DeoN
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JOin to LUV Kery Kery
Welcome to LuV Clan
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This Camper song is top!!

Even my wife liked it .) She is not into video games at all .)

Posting some electroswing.)


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TJM_Tiger is gonna kill u all in cod4 from now on guys!!!.....

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Gerrie geurkaars in tha house!

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Cleaning up some coding, the site will look funny from time to time.

Mainly I'm writing this so i can see how comments without embedded videos are looking.
So let me add another line to this text, and i can continue debugging but first i have to make sure this sentence is long enough so all hail slimbips president of the U.S.A

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My wee dude playing Battlefield one ps4 live stream!

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Hello all

Here is a lot of positive vibrations haha Biggrin