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WaffelSS - join the Luv WaFFeL TegCAL
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light light JJMurdah
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Abdo ABDO Green Machine
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=|LuV|= freezing moon =|LuV|= freezing Slimbips
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CoCoNuT the magnificent -CoCoNuT- John Smit
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Ava's Clan Application Avarice Krystynka
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Ultra-Application 6000 Runonstof Knox
Welcome to LuV Clan
Slimbips's picture

complainers never have vacation im afraid Smile

Guiltygeneral's picture

Admins have vacation lol .

JAMMAL's picture

administration mohaaplz? 

YywiyY's picture

Some crazy russian music for the Ladies and Gentleman of the LuV Clan.
The vid pretty well describes current russian reality IMHO.)
Dont have much time to play Mohaa, do humbly appologise, will ge there a.s.a.p.

dj_novake's picture

Hey guys! any of you playing MTA? (GTA:SA mutli version). Because we gonna make a new server, probably Day'Z and we will need some player there Biggrin 

Hey guys my name is DJ Novake.<br />
I'm working for Call of Duty Hungary as Editor(<br />
I am the owner for this streamer group:<br />
In the future u can find some cod4 rotu stream ;)

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Any mohaa admins about, Elbadry Wall hack? 

MrKwik's picture

now i am clean but, after the screenshot it made ...i crashed
and its quite bit laggy

Slimbips's picture

u have to unzip alphamac first...

MrKwik's picture

Good morning champs
he can`t find this file "alphamac.dll" but its in there, in what map does it has to go?

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This is only for TWITCH streamers... the website will automaticly detect when ur online with streaming and will putt you on the homepage Smile