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Welcome to LuV Clan
BaRRetta's picture


My name Is BeRRetta and i am here to ask why my ip Banned ?

*(Sry if i asked in General Chat but i Got Problems While Wrote at MOHAA Forums)*




There is no escape ! No will be! No mercy Blum 3

Gianlu ita's picture

Goood night mates Wink

Mr Parts's picture

ooooh yeah.....battalion 1944 early access starts today !!!

Lara Croft's picture

Goodnight luvers. 

Be back real soon! 


Knox's picture

@Mr Parts, it used to be the csgo banner just the image was replace Blum 3 nice notice <----------- Check out my latest

Debbie*Does*Mohaa**'s picture


Please subscribe!  My man is a massive talent and after over 250,00+ view on vids and 7 years of production just earned £67?!! ( I mean have you seen this footage?!). 

Anyhoo amazing talent and footage...Youtube just upped the need at leadt 1,000 subscribers, he just has 450 which baffles me. Even if you dont wanna watch...please just subscribe!

Pass him know he is worth it!



Mr Parts's picture

why does the READ MORE link in the banner for WWII take you to the Counter Strike Server Info     

Anany's picture

at which server we can play with this maps slim?

hello GG , Kwik and all <3

MrKwik's picture


and Lo Peeps

Guiltygeneral's picture

Just drop in, Hello luuuvies Smile