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Mohaa War against BM Tarek_Teko Tarek_Teko
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I want to become a member of the Clan Mustfa IP YywiyY
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Your Favorite Music Slimbips Arya
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WAR {->BM<-} VS =|LuV|= سامح انور سامح انور
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Have A Laugh !!! zer! Bojan
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Does anybody use Iptv to watch TV Channels? JJMurdah Slimbips
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Friendly Match against MFC tonight (info) Green Machine kirby

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Clan Application Her0 Kwik
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Clan Application Noomi C0rrigan
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For fun! maTerson Kwik
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RR2 Knox
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iAmHFG iAmHFG Hotwire
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Shaheen =|LuV|=Xxfrostyby =|LuV|=Xxfrostyby
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i want join to luvclan Winter Kiro™
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Join In10sive^ Kiro™
Welcome to LuV Clan
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Wherever I play. I'm happy when I'm first in the rankings. Because everyone is looking at our clan.

Pride, honor and respect ---> = | LuV | = Clan (All team)


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TS is fixed

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we are looking at it

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whats up with ts ? can not connect 

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Hey Bojan and all other Luvers

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Hello luvers ❤️❤️

ÎþrặĦệm Bễřǿǿ ĦĕMâ's picture

Welcome Back Lara <3, finally u gonna be back , how much day u will stay with us or u got short vacation 


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Today's a national Bank Holiday in UK which means no Workkk!!! Hope all have a great start to the week. 

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Hey Laraaaaaaaa, Thanks
The week will be awesome, if you can find the time to come to server... so I can show you the backside of my pistol Wink


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Good morning to you all.
hope you all have a great week!