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i want join to luvclan Winter Kwik
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Mr. =|LuV|= Boris the Modaa
Welcome to LuV Clan
Slimbips's picture

u can also give an ip and ask if we can unban you and kick mavs ass.... the answers i can give u on your questions now are.... i think yes... becease ur better than him.... and NO PROBLEM!.

Good luck!


Pe El's picture

Why i got ban few minutes ago MAV hmm why? tell me - because i am better like you or another people? shame on you.  Nevermind my normal nick this is Luv ban because i play better TY !


HABU*,..,*'s picture

Tadaa Smile

The tiger and the lion may be more powerful. But the wolf does not perform in the circus.<br />
IG: iamelias_<br />
<br />
<br />

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i LuV playing out in my car in this Wink

Lara Croft's picture

Afternoon family ❤️

Hoping your all well! 


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Thats a hp monitor knox Blum 3 also first thought its a mac tho xD

MrKwik's picture

Lo Peeps and Nobbits Smile

Knox's picture

@M@v     Do you game on a MAC? <----------- Check out my latest

M@v's picture

@ CoB - Got them from Wish £14 Smile Mouse Pad was free lol 

Jinx's picture

Sure Knox I will send you an download link. Biggrin

Play to win.