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Welcome to LuV Clan
Geremin's picture

Happy New Year to you all,

Hope its a good one!


Ray's picture

Happpyyyy new yearrrr

Gianlu ita's picture

happy new year to everyone lovely people Biggrin Biggrin 

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i updated the alphamac files, u can now use all custom maps in main... can u check it for me please?,

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May this year bring a lot of happiness, joy and fun in your lives.
All the best Luvies..

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happy new year all Smile

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Happy new year all

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Happy New Year 2019 for ALL

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Happy new year!

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read from bottom to top:
=|LuV|= Krystynka
        !pb Konon2K19_Essa wh
Konon2K19_Essa         co?             what?
=|LuV|= Krystynka     i jeszcze cos dostaniesz na szczescie Smile  and you will get something more for good luck
Konon2K19_Essa         luks            good
Konon2K19_Essa         dasz dupy szmato?    you will give me ass bitch?
=|LuV|= Krystynka     chce ci zlozyc zyczenia    i would like to give you best wishes
Konon2K19_Essa         hehe            hehe
=|LuV|= Krystynka     w nowym rokju        in New Year
Konon2K19_Essa         jebana            whore
Konon2K19_Essa         ej kurwo        oy fucking
Konon2K19_Essa         szmata jestes i tyle    you are a bicth thats all
Konon2K19_Essa         ladnie ladnie        nice nice
Konon2K19_Essa         aha            aha
Konon2K19_Essa         ladnie             nice
Konon2K19_Essa         ajaj              owwwww