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COD4 TDM Maprotation
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COD4 TDM Maprotation

set sv_mapRotation "gametype war map mp_convoy gametype war map mp_overgrown gametype war map mp_strike gametype war map mp_citystreets gametype map mp_crash gametype war map mp_bloc gametype war map mp_crossfire gametype war map mp_backlot gametype war map mp_showdown gametype war map mp_vacant gametype war map mp_broadcast gametype war map mp_pipeline"

Do u guys want some maps out or in or is it good the way it is?

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if there is no Bog or Creek i am ok with it. i almost forgot that there Downpour and Countdown even in the cod 4 game xd

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seems ok!

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i think its oke.
there are always some maps that are not good enough, just leave it at it is.