Cod tdm maps
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Cod tdm maps

There are countdown and bog maps which i found very boring, so i thought of replacing them with winter crash and chinatown or if you don t like chinatown then some other map, so i want to know what you think about it

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We used to have a POLL on the website for a new map on the tdm server, like it was crash but then people voted the next month and crash was removed and replace with chinatown. I think that this vote should be brough back cause guests and trusted players have their own input cause they probably know what other players like more than we can <----------- Check out my latest

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Countdown ye bog no

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Please not Bog, i like this map very much..

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YES! Biggrin

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The more maps we have.. more people will stay and play.. at bog you could make 100kills.. thats a nice map.. 

A lot of people leaved before.. because it got boring without all the maps.. sometimes when i played there was strike map 4times and thats why its getting boring to play only a few maps.

Crash snow only for winter time Smile

Nornal crash is better Smile

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