Ava's Clan Application
  • Posted on: 26 December 2018
  • By: Avarice
Ingame name: 
How did you find this site?: 
I usually roll every server ad pick one randomly, and i playd in LUV server some times, i asked myself why should i not be part of a clan if i play like 2/3 hrs a day for years, just for fun, would be better making the game a better place for other people who want to play properly as well, then i saw the clan IP, i copy pasted it.. and here i am!
Do you use Teamspeak?: 
Why do you wanna join =|LuV|=?: 
(excuse my english, ty<3) I want to improve my skills at the game, become better player as a team player, teamspeaking and playing the other side of the game, the strategic one, also you guys seem very nice, active and im very active too! i play everyday, got no another game on my pc because its an office cpu, doesnt hold anything more haha..(sad) . I also find very sad that the comunity is full of hackers still... so i can help erase em at least of ur servers! so we all play fair and more seriously.
How often do you play?: 
I understand that i cant be in another clan when joining luv: 
My Games: 
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Info about Yourself: 
Hey guys!, im Avarice, i think my real name in this type of platforms isnt very necesary... so call me Ava!! Im from Argentina and actually i live in Spain, im 23 y/o, work as a secondary chef at a restaurant and spend my time playing cod4. My economic limitations made me had the same pc for years, and to be honest only works good with one game on the ram and low def. So years ago i started played cod4 and never stopped, maybe for some time i left it apart, but always came back. I want to be part of a cod comunity, so i can make friends, learn how to improve my skills at the game, and make sure there is no hackers at the game, if im online. Ill apreciatte ur time reading this, hope u give me an oportunity to be part of this, love you all. -.Avarice.-
Krystynka's picture

rejected fom me.... last play 31 January.....

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We putt 2 extra trial weeks on this applicaion as he cant be around these days due family stuff, christmass etc.... so thats not a problem, we will see u when all the partys are over Smile

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''60-70 fps in almost 2019 year in game from 2007????'' EW KRYS THAT HURTS ahahahahahahh. 
Thanks you Knox for the welcome, yeah i put effort on the things i want to do, i think it defines yourself, the way u express it. (my english has to be beaten by a dictionary)

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Hello Ava nice to meet you. I like how much thought and effort you put into your application it's nice to see people take it seriously haha. I'm Knox and love a good chat so drop on teamspeak anytime and I'll probably be online. Look forward to chatting <3

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never saw him and gametracer saw 8 frags on HC so maybe he is playing on other serves.....

edit. played few rounds with him. cool guy with shity pc Smile realy 60-70 fps in almost 2019 year in game from 2007????

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Hello Ava,

Welcome to our website and nice to see you are enjoying our server(s).
LuVclan stands for LoVeclan and were trying to be the nicest and coolest gamingclan that is around :).
Spreading luv and peace true games and show the worls there are still good people around :).

You seem like a dude with the same attitude and we are more than happy to give you a 2 week trial with us.
So u can wear the luvtags from now and after 2 weeks we will vote if u can stay or not.
Try to be a bit active on the server with the taggs on so people can see that your new, and try to be a bit active in these 2 weeks on the website, than people can see if you will fit in or not, being active on website is just like greeting on guestbook or use the chat in the down right corner.

We are using an anticheat system btw to track and ban cheaters, u can take a look around here https://srv02.luvclan.nl/b3#/.
If u have any questions just give a shout :).

And your always welcome to join our teamspeak ofcourse, ill be on almost every evening and in the weekends as i have to work true the week :).

Nice to have ya on board mate, have fun and seeya on the battlefield!.

Greets Slim.