Application - Sense
  • Posted on: 3 May 2017
  • By: SenseSFS
Harrison Hayes
Ingame name: 
United Kingdom
How did you find this site?: 
Knox, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare HC TDM Server.
Do you use Teamspeak?: 
Why do you wanna join =|LuV|=?: 
Honestly the reason i want to join is becuase well so far the people i have met on the LuV Teamspeak (Members) are very kind and hilarious, i guess people will know me when they see me in game or in teamspeak, well the odd few and also i am a mate of Knox who i know well to an extent. I can also see that this is a growing community and i would like to help it grow further :D . I am an admin over on SFS Community
How often do you play?: 
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No sorry, i can mention 10 things why we dont want that, it brings to many bad things wich is the reason we decided to not accept this

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Just so you know, SFS is a community hence there are NO members.. Only admins who help keep the server clean. Exactly like the C4S community. So if it has no members it doesnt make it a clan per say, so personally i think you should look past is as it technically isnt Multi-clanning

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Yeah, i understand the multi clanning part- but thanks anyways guys and i like that COMMUNICLAN, nice idea Smile


Manny On Da Map

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We are kinda in the middle, we are acting like an community but still like to play against other clans.
We started as a mohaa clan, but now we are more looking like a gaming community, but i think its an good idea to stay in the middle and have a bit of both :).

gaming communiclan?, new!!

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Hi Sense,

First welcome to our servers! You seem to be a nice guy. A bit strange, but aren't we all?blush.
At the moment you cannot join luv being member of SFS (No multiclanning allowed). In my opnion a community is diffrent from a clan but others may disagree.
Anyways you always welcome on our servers, so i hope you like it here

Kind regards,

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Hello Sense,

Welcome to our website and nice to see that u enjoy yourself with the crazy but luvly people of luv :).
I have to mention that luv doesnt do multiclanning, so its not possible to join luv while your admin on SFS.

But ofcourse ur always welcome to join our server and ts :).

Any questions?, just drop them here and u will find some answers :).

Have fun and hope to see u on the battlefield soon!.

Greets Slim!

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Hey Sense, I'd like to say Welcome to LuV but since its not up to me all i can do is vouch for you Blum 3

Sense is....Well special xD hes an idiot but he'd be a great asset to this clan 

And as the the SFS Admin, Yes he is an Admin in a COMMUNITY which is different to a clan. I know we don't tolerate multi-claning but i hope for his sake as its a community that you'll make an exception Smile <3 


Knox Approves