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Added maps to the zombie server!.
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Added maps to the zombie server!.

current maprotation: 
set sv_maprotation "
map mp_fnrp_racecourse
map mp_nwa_museum_v2
map mp_fnrp_camp
map mp_fnrp_cemetery
map mp_fnrp_lighthouse
map mp_surv_maniacmansion
map mp_fnrp_mohbaazar
map mp_fnrp_remains
map mp_fnrp_sewer
map mp_fnrp_poncho_nite
map mp_surv_toujane
map mp_surv_springfield map

Removed maps:
map mp_fnrp_smurfs
map mp_fnrp_movies
map mp_fnrp_panchokill
map mp_fnrp_outfield
map mp_fnrp_joxonfield
map mp_fnrp_icecream
map mp_fnrp_dulc
map mp_fnrp_chocho
map mp_fnrp_quake3_arena
map mp_fnrp_futurama_v3

Added to list:
map mp_surv_schoolr2
map mp_surv_sir2
map mp_surv_villar2
map mp_surv_bjwifi_fort
map mp_surv_wetwork
map mp_surv_town

maps not working:
map mp_surv_villa2r2

Christmas maps:
map mp_fnrp_snow

more will follow and updated in this list.

let me know some names of maps we can remove becease they suck