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Welcome to LuV Clan
romano333's picture

1. I played on the server: "THE-Rotu Rev-Zombie"


2. I represented our clan (LuV).
I've always been the first.
LuV clan - it must be duly represented.

3. The administrator is not happy. ---> THE-drajoni <--- funny admin
There is always the number 2.

I am always the first. (LuV is LuV)


He disconnects me when I'm first from him.

This is called POWER.

That's how it's done. Now he is the first.

Applause. admin ---> THE-drajoni ---> from server "THE-Rotu Rev-Zombie"

Respect for LuV.


demetair's picture

It's okay, G Smile 

Geremin's picture

Hi there Guys and Gals, now then, now then.... (sick retro ref to Jimmy Saville)

Been having issues with folks using our clan tags (GZ-Chicago Typerwriter) and several of our own members (not just Demee) playing under different names.  Don't mean to sound curt but if you do not tell me immediately when challenged who you really are (I ain't tracing I.P.s), there is a really good chance I'll ban you before I ask again....

There is little point maintaining our servers clean only to have our own members make our policing harder....

As I said don't mean to sound harsh but - as I am sure your all aware - I am renown for my diplomatic approach in these situations...

LuV, LuV, LuV,



Lara Croft's picture

Morning to all my friends. 


Slimbips's picture

the point is that we only want luvly people in the clan..... are u a luvly person?, u allready where sayign bad things about us but probably also to other clans or people, and maybe u gonna do it more often, we only want luvly people in this clan and no assholes that say bad things about people... specialy not with luvtags on.

just hang around with us and try to be nice and relaxed, we will invite you later to clan if we think you are a real luvver that just made a small mistake Smile

`~F!3RCE~`'s picture

Yeah you're right i will try to be nice in other servers and this website. 

CallOfBeauty's picture

@F!3RCE I dont know why you keep mentioning these things.. With that u make it bigger as it actually was/is

Just keep it cool and show that u can be a cool and nice guy who can actually behave.. Thats what slim already told you 1 week ago.

`~F!3RCE~`'s picture



I agree that i am i bad person, i did wrong and said bad things . I know how u would a felt when i said bad things to your clan. U are right u cant trust me but i apologize for every thing. Sorry please!! Sad

Knox's picture

Enclusive you can remove the TRL from your name you know, you were accepted

Legion's picture

Morning Peeps