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ITS UR BOY RedHanded Slimbips
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Welcome to LuV Clan
Legion's picture

Evening Peeps

Banned POLAND PL's picture


OK, it's working. Smile

The name from the game goes into the real world. Biggrin

WarDog's picture

Slimbips's picture

ip is not in th ebanlist....

CallOfBeauty's picture

Now you are really a banned poland XD


Probably an ip range ban Smile Lets wait for Slimmy, I am sure he can fix it Smile

Banned POLAND PL's picture

I have not played the game for a long time.

IP Server


Today I wanted to play.

And I have such an inscription Smile

Why? Smile

scarface's picture

Finally up and running playing mohaa again still a bit rusty Blum 3 


cheers slimbips for all your help ! 

Banned POLAND PL's picture


=|LuV|= Slimbips  Good help

scarface play and enjoy Smile

Lara Croft's picture

To all friends and luvvies.

im back, to be a pain...

freezetag objective server please! ❤️ Let’s have some fun!!! 12207 port. 

Hope to see you there ❤️

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Hello Peeps