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Welcome to LuV Clan
Knox's picture

I don't play mohaa much but if i do i play our servers. I have no idea what alphamac is but i'm shit at mohaa anyways, so nobody will suspect me Smile

kirby's picture

us based teams do it as well, its got nothing to do with country, they just happen to be most active mohaa players at this time, 10 years back it used to be poland :d so naturally if we saw PL taggs it was almost certain he gonna cause trouble. With egys theres often another issue - language barrier which complicates things.

what infuriates me is so many ppl having no clue how alphamac works and still telling me about their trust issues and how everything can be bypassed by anyone..

Ray's picture

No offense to our egy members but its kind of ironic when egy based clan ban u for not running alphamac even tho they dont use it themselves

zer's picture

If you are new on Egy-Army server and get a high kill/death ratio, admins do get suspicious. I was once banned on their server while I was playing with Anti-Cheat on. It was surprising for me as well. So I decided to Email them (same Email address that Green Machine has posted) and shared my Alphapac Account. Within a day I was unbanned and assured that it wont happen again. And it didn't, no matter how sneakily I played.

Anyways, Nerd is their CL and seems to be a pretty reasonable guy. He is also on X-null. I would suggest Email them and always play on their server (or on all servers if you can )with AntiCheat on.

Slimbips's picture

fuk them man lol, after all these years u guys still dont have a clue u cant talk with these kids?... anyway, good luck with that

Green Machine's picture

Welcome to #Egy-Army server, we are happy to play in our server and have a fun time on our servers!
❌ Our Server Rules: ❌
1- No Cheating:
Cheating is not allowed in our servers, if cheating is detected in our server, you will be banned for an undefined period.

2- Run AlphaMAC:
If you want to play in our servers you must activate the AlphaMAC anti-cheat, so you'll not be Banned/Kicked at any time! Download: Here is an explanation of the program (Arabic): 

2- Spawn Killing and Teleport camping and Door Blocking is not allowed:
This will lead you to kick out of our servers, if repeated, you will be banned!

3- Spam:
Spam or speaking too much or repeating words too much can annoy players. Spam will get you kicked or get your chat disabled for an undefined period of time as a warning, this includes the abusive use of in game taunts.

4- Respect Admins:
Admins in our servers are here to help you to make the server better, you should respect them, if not, you'll be kicked/banned.

5- No Camping and No bad language!

-=EG=- Random Maps All Weapons:
-=EG=- Stalingrad Only All Weapons:
-=EG=- Aftermath Only All Weapons:
If you have a problem, you can email us:

Ray's picture

No no its just, i dont agree that we should ban ppl who ban us, not that i rly care that much. Anyway as far as i remember their website used to be but oddly i cant connect to it so probably it got taken down. Well yea haha i guess in this situation somebody just has to go there and ask them

Slimbips's picture

that u still dont know that most of the egy clans are run by kids, like 16 years old, they dont like to get killed

Geremin's picture

Oh yeah....

Website! Not top of the list on google... Found Gametracker acc. but no Wsite.  Less you know better?
Still like I just said - You are confusing me - (with someone who gives a sh*t)!

BTW anyone heard of DN clan (DomiNation) suddenly appeared busy little server with the old bot admin....
Maybe have a look at how they got folks there.... perhaps it's all the folks been banned from EG?

Definitely too much time at the moment!


Geremin's picture

Ray M8 you taking all this waaaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously! just forget about it.....
must be a translation thing!
REALLY - like I would give a Flying about a ban from them numpties!!!