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Your Favorite Music Slimbips Ray
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COD4 Zombies Party evening with ofcourse Henk the Musicbot and singing Stormy Knox and Anna!!. Friday 02-08-2019 22:00!! Slimbips Zware
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LuV member Siegfried blocking in game CASTRO Slimbips
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3RD Custom maps Friday 28-06-2019 + LIVESTREAM!!, Be there!!!, invite everyone you know!! Slimbips JAMMAL
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Spawn Swapping In Remagen zer! zer!
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Battalion 1944 ChickenPluckerMan Legion
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FT-OBJ Server should contain the maps: Slimbips CASTRO
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V2 Map In FT Server Maps Rotation zer! JAMMAL

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light light JJMurdah
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WaffelSS - join the Luv WaFFeL WaFFeL
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Abdo ABDO Green Machine
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=|LuV|= freezing moon =|LuV|= freezing Slimbips
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CoCoNuT the magnificent -CoCoNuT- John Smit
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Panty sniffer Ton Knox
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Ava's Clan Application Avarice Krystynka
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Ultra-Application 6000 Runonstof Knox
Welcome to LuV Clan
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hey Teg .was that you on top of the tower Smile

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Awesome Knox!

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Minecraft server was updated to 1.14.4, Due to 1.14.3 having bugs involving Villagers and their trades

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أنا كنت هناك فى أواخر الشتاء فى رأس التين ♥♥

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Citadel of Qaitbay ♥
Alexandria, Egypt ♥

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Im only seeing Lara`s posts now, OMG, A MOTHER??????????????? I never knew anything, didnt even know Lara was preggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, Lara, I hope u see this and I genuinely wish u and the little one all the very best for your future lives together, hopefully we will still cya on the server from time to time giving us updates, and remember, REMEMBER, sorry I forget!!!!!
Dont forget to teach the wee one those wee cupcakes!!! X X X

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Good luck Lara and congratulations! Best time of your life start now 

X Mel

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congratulations lara......  see you around

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congratulations lara and all the best for the future