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DeoN - want to join DeoN CallOfBeauty
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Your Favorite Music Slimbips Slimbips
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Hello LuV-Team. Greetings from Germany spliffy77 Slimbips
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DeoN says hello ; ) DeoN DeoN
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I want to join Stormlight spliffy77
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JOin to LUV Kery Kery
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JOIN to LUV Matris Matris
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=|LuV|= Poker Tournament, whos interested?? Slimbips ChickenPluckerMan
Welcome to LuV Clan
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Yo Buds

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Afternoon Peeps

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this gotta hurt  

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Anna u may be trying to use symbols that this doesn’t recognise. If I put symbols only some it says same for me too. Sad 

hey all, hope your all well ! X

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Hi luvies, 

Our server provider is doing some maintenance this night. Which may or may not lead to bad connections from 00:00 to 5:00. 


Kind regards, 


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That is brilliant
Stick man Super mario bros!!

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I'm sorry Anna, I shouldn't tell you, but the webpage doesn't really digs you, I guess its jealousy or something :< 
Ahah Blum 3 Hey all o/

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and why every single time when i want to comment something i get webpage unavaliable? 

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good afternoon all... Biggrin


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Heyya all ♡  ♡  ♡ Smile