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Cod 4 match, again xD =|LuV|=Xxfrostyby Hotwire
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Rust new server HapisIsland Stormyy © Slimbips
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LAVA is crying? Fix MineCraft! TegCAL TegCAL
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Worldspawn for new player AvoxX CallOfBeauty
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WAR VS *|MR|* *|MR|* =DAL!= *|MR|* =DAL!=
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Cod 4 Match =|LuV|=Xxfrostyby =|LuV|=Xxfrostyby
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WAR vs AB gandhi_AB Deep-Dive
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MineCraft Party TegCAL Slimbips

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Krystynka trying to join the troops Krystynka Krystynka
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Melanie1 wants to become LuV member Melanie1 Slimbips
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Dude EyadAbu3mira Slimbips
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Shaheen =|LuV|=Xxfrostyby =|LuV|=Xxfrostyby
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Mr. =|LuV|= Boris the Entropy
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Clan Application Killah Killah
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Cod4 {MiCKEy}.ViRuS Slimbips
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Anwer Nice*Anwer Knox
Welcome to LuV Clan

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 <3 Luvframe <3
No frame so fragile made it far on just a dream ~<3

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Afternoon to all. Have a lovely day X

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Love u slim Kiss 2

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Morning guys! Smile

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Hey Luvers <3

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lol egypt?

thats nice

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Freeze Tag server down...

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Really enjoyed the inter-clan war yesterday hope its a regular occurance. Biggrin

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Admin needed on FT again