What country should Donald Trump bomb first?
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goodbye egypt

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Looks like he will have to bomb 3 countries

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yeah moment, will chekc it didnt look at it yet

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@Slim m2 but i still have the problem

@Whomadewhat I know but shouldn't have to Wink

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i use the dark theme so i dont have that problem, but i will change it for the white theme

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press ctrl+a to select everything, should be visisble then stormy.

he should bomb the netherlands, right on my house so i don't have to deal with ww3.

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Offtopic: Am i the only with a white poll and white answers? Kinda annoying surprise


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Only Zware can think rationaly Smile

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Well, allthough the solution Zware-san is proposing is a "bit" radical, it will solve a lot of troubles.)

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the white house with him in it, case closed xD

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wtf :D??? Baaty wtf is this :D??