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1vs1 Tournament Sniper-Stalingrad-Ground-Only
  • Posted on: 22 May 2017
  • By: Slimbips


1 -  Bashing round,  the winner chooses team first. (Map doesnt matter at this point)

2 - The winner team chooses Allies or Axis.

3 - The loser team chooses the other team Allies or Axis.

4 - The 1st round the winner can pick the team he wants, second round u change teams.

5 - 1 round is based on who has the first 15 kills  


Its sniper-only, stalingrad-only, ground-only, that meens u spawn on the ground in stalingrad all the time, all the ways to go up are blocked by barbwire.

As soon u spawn the game starts, be aware that if u get killed u spawn right again on the ground somewhere close to your opponent, when u kill the other he will probably spawn very close to you, so thats kinda tricky.

Be prepared on the quick spawns and that quick reactions will improve your game



Spoiler: Highlight to view

example 1

Team 1 wins the first round with 15-12 
Team 2 wins the second round with 13-15

the score u have to fill in on the website will be 28-27

example 2

Team 1 wins the first round with 15-3
Team 1 wins also the second round with 15-10

the score u have to fill in on the website will be 30-13

if u end up in a draw u have to play 1 extra round of 5 kills and u just add the score to your total score.

Note: a round that ended in a tie (draw) will result in a small round first till 5 kills and u add those points to the total score

6 - Server/Mod settings: Default (LuV) TDM Settings, Sniper-Only, Stalingrad-Only, Ground-Only

7 - Player disconnected case - if a player gets disconnected by any reason the team he belongs to has 1 option:

#1 Call a "hold" and wait for him to return, if he doesnt show up anymore, and the score is 3-3, the end score will be 15-3.

BaRT_mohaa's picture

I'm in guys, if u want to win easy points, contact me, and send me $30 per paypal. thx Blum 3

YywiyY's picture

Lara-saint .)) is just gorgeous

CallOfBeauty's picture

Hahaha well youre right, at least were not alone, we stay together! Wink

zer's picture

yay, successfully reached at the bottom of the ladder. But I aint alone in here, I'm enjoying the view with beauty. Wink

Slimbips's picture

guys im back tonight, who wants to play against me???? 

TegCAL's picture

I am in but how can i join it ?

zer's picture

Thanks for changing the mod slim, though its not 1 shot 1 kill but far better than earlier one.

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guys slowmo is demetair el klb Blum 3

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Heeeey Smile I want to play tooo ! :)))))))))))

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guys challenge eachotehr and go play in the server, or jsut check the server how it works etc :), bring it on!!!!, invit emore people to the tournament!

Slimbips's picture

everyone is welcome,. this is not teams as it it 1vs1 if u check the rankings here
u see names and not teams :), just join the tournament, ur not stuck on times or whatever u can just challenge eachother when u have time, just use the chat or smth to challenge someone, or if u challenge soemone in the laddder u can pick a date... if ur opponent cant... he can change the date and u will receive a message back etc

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Thank You thank You.)) Found it

zer's picture

Its 1 vs 1 but with teams? Do teams have to be LuV members only? I don't think its 1 shot 1 kill  or is it ?

Its not that I can play with sniper but just asking. May be I'll give a shot Wink


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Iam in Biggrin

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on th etop of this text?

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I am so stupid, I cant find sign up button .((

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hit the sign up button lara


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