Possible Clan War: =MFC= vs =|LuV|=
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Possible Clan War: =MFC= vs =|LuV|=

Hello =|LuV|= Clan Members

What do you say if we try to arrange and play a small clan war/scrim next month? Please let me know if you can play or not so we can see where we stand. My suggestions for upcoming clan war/scrim are written bellow,your suggestions are welcome as-well.

Possible Clan War: =MFC= vs =|LuV|=

When:14 or 21th May at 21:00 CET (20:00 UK)
Where:=MFC= Private/War Server
Maps:Objective Stock Maps
Weapons:All Weapons
Frags per Team:5 Frags per Team
Server IP Address:

Thank You

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Im down for it!