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Hello everyone, I'm not very good with english so i can write like some retard xd I came here because the server in Call of Duty4 MW invited me here. I come from Poland, but I can speak English. Is there anyone from Poland? Smile

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Paulina-san is from POland.)

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ahh cool photoshop, i am working alot on that to.... we are now suspectign a cool signature ofcourse and show us your photoshop skills:P

here are the signatures i made for my members Smile

beat me beat me!

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Hey lau,

Welcome to the site, Smile (where i told you about)

As slim says, whe got members from Poland,Croatia,Egypt,England,The Netherlands,

whe are international clan :).......i've you interested in our community, leave a application on the forum


gr gunner

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I am 14 years old in August 15, in real life I ride a motor bike and work in photoshop, generally interested in computer graphics: D I play Cod4mw, Gta 5 on playstation4, Gta san andreas sometimes, and cs 1.6. Biggrin

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Heey Lau, nice to see you on here :).

Yeah we got some  polish people in here :).
Slonce, Paulina, Banned Poland, and some more :).

how old are u and what ur doing in your real-life?
what games do you play?